“The fount of prayer is in the heart; by thought, not words, the heart is carried up to God, where it is blest, Then let us pray. They prayed, but not a word was said; but in that holy Silence every heart was blest.”  Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

A yogic understanding of the

Sermon on the Mount. To invoke

Divine Presence and to sanctify the

mind. The goal of prayer is the

harmonization between heaven

and the earth, which means one

develops intuitive vision where one

sees the world as an expression of

the Divine Self.

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This guided meditation,

using the traditional method

of watching the breath,

also includes the practice of

linking the movement of the

breath with the sacred

mantra OM.

"Things you Tend to Overlook"

Thanissaro Bhikkhu, one of the

foremost Buddhist teachers,

speaks on the "natural" process

of ageing, illness and death.

And the Buddha's teaching on how

to prepare for and rise above

them in advance.

"Gentle Hatha Yoga"

A unique 1 hour session of

hatha yoga, guided by one

of the foremost instructors

in the Hawaiian Islands.

"God Rocking the Cradle"

Part 1 of 3

The making of an

Himalayan Saint,

Swami Shantananda Puri

"An Antidote for Sorrow"

Swami Shantananda discusses

how to train the mind to

experience a measure of peace

within meditation, free from

unwanted thoughts.

O Pure Virgin, Agni Parthene - She who hears the cries of the world

The Imitation of Christ by Saint Thomas a Kempis

Book 1, Chapters 1-10

Book 1, Chapters 11-20

Book 2, Chapters 11-12

Book 2, Chapters 1-10

Book 3, Chapters 1-10

Book 3, Chapters 11-20

Book 3, Chapters 41-50

Book 3, Chapters 31-40

Book 3, Chapters 21-30

Book 3, Chapters 51-59

Book 4, Chapters 1-10

Book 4, Chapters 11-18 (conclusion)

Book 1, Chapters 21-25

“In order to annihilate what is undesirable and harmful (anishta),

the mind has to be steeped in the adoration of the Beloved (Ishta).”

Sri Anandamayi Ma

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Practical Sadhana: The Teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi