Ask a Swami

Love Me, Love my Defilements

"The concept that a lot of modern people find very hard to accept is that their minds have defilements. They think that their minds are perfectly fine, that there is nothing dirty or defiling in their minds. Although there are types of Buddhism that teach that we all have a Buddha Nature, the Buddha Himself never taught that!"

Things you Tend to Overlook

"The chant about Aging, Illness and Death has an interesting translation in the Thai language. "Aging is normal. Illness is normal. Death is normal." It is good to keep that idea in your state of mind. They are there, thinking about them will not bring them on. Some say that thinking of illness makes one ill, thinking of death brings death. But this is not the case, because we must prepare for these things!"

Dhamma Talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu from Metta Forest Monastery