Om Sri Ram

Teaching on Meditation, Yoga, Worship, Prayer and all Aspects of Spiritual Life

           Herein you will discover traditional and proven methods of all aspects of spiritual practice, taught by the renowned Masters and Saints of India. These practices find their origination in the scriptures and more importantly from the living examples of holy men and woman.


Teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma

           This Joy-Permeated Mother, sought for and venerated as one of the greatest spiritual masters of the twentieth century and all time, is regarded as a bedrock of successful spiritual practice. Her teachings are suited for all ages, and within all faith traditions throughout the entire world.


Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi

           Perhaps the best description of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi was uttered from one of his foremost Western disciples: “The specious theory that Bhagavan was not a Guru had simply evaporated in the radiance of his Grace. Moreover, I now perceived that, far from his teaching not being practical guidance, it was exclusively that. I observed that he shunned theoretical explanations and kept turning the questioner to practical considerations of sadhana, of the path to be followed.

It was that and only that he was here to teach!” - from My Life and Quest by Arthur Osborne


Teachings from Various Saints of India on Spiritual Life and Practice

            Within all human endeavor to seek and find a higher life in God, the greatest achievements always came from following the God-given scriptures emulated through the Masters and Saints. Herein you will discover some of the most renowned teachings from holy men and woman of India.


The Teachings from the Masters and Saints of Sanatana Dharma on All Aspects of Spiritual Life and Practice

Letters from Arunachala - An ongoing journey

"I struggled toward that border land of being, which surrounds the human mind." (Paul Bronton)

      He struggled to "cut away slowly into the inner recesses of the mind" in the living physical presence of the Maharshi. What kind of struggle and what support in required of us without that physical impact. The answer was and is to be found within that same Maharshi and Arunachala!


Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Satsang from Anandashram

        "Your life is a current that started from an Eternal Source.

Make it flow in all its pristine purity so that it may lighten the burden of the weak,

relieve the distress of the suffering, elevate the hearts of the depressed."

Swami Ramdas