Ask a Swami

The Teachings of Shams - The Guru of Rumi

You must have full command over your own habits and qualities. Maintain silence at the time of silence,

answer when you need to respond, oppose and separate at the time of controversy,

and offer kindness at the time of kindness.

Otherwise, your virtues and habits become your own source of misery and torture.

He who is in love with and dependent on his logic is foolish, not knowing anything beyond.

That is to say, whatever he does not know does not exist for him.

The world is bad only to those who do not understand it.

Once they know and learn about the world, then they ignore it.

Push the unworthy fools out of your life, those who for some petty wealth are willing to sell their soul.

If a person has a prominent quality and virtue, this will compensate for all his minor faults;

But if the person has a dominant defect it diminishes all his positive qualities.

Look at he who has left joy and now he is worshipping sorrow.

Whichever state you are in, give away what you have;

and if you do not have things to give away, try to earn them.