"The search after Truth is the one thing by which the shape of human life should be determined.

Genuine desire itself opens the road to fulfilment."    

Sri Anandamayi Ma


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Nuruddin Rishi Verses - Part 1 "Love"

Alone am I -

I yearn to be with my Friend.

Every moment I want to be with Him.

Without my Friend, flowers turn to thorns.

Wherever my friend is,

there is my Mecca.

Whoever starts a vigil at His door,

He offers His own nectar to drink.

A variety of plays -

Only one is the Director.

Whom He loves,

he is the one who attains.

Alike in the cold and the heat,

steadily engaged in practice,

lovers sacrifice themselves on His path

where the black bee is attracted to the flower.

He who absorbs this knowledge -

for him, the two are united.

He is near me

and I am near Him -

I found peace near Him.

Wrongly, I looked for Him

in the outer world.

I found my Friend in the inner world.

from Lalla to Nuruddin translated from the Kashmiri by Ranjit Hoskote