Spiritual Teaching from the Jewish Tradition

"Do not exalt any path above God. There are many paths that lead to God.

So people are capable of finding and following the ways that suit them,

provided they do not stand still."    Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Om Sri Ram

Four Gates to Mastering the Self

- Passover in Essence -

By Tzvi Freeman

Think of yourself as a city. You have four magical gates: The Gate of Seeing, the Gate of Listening, the Gate of Imagining and the Gate of Speaking.

Magical gates, because the Infinite God cannot fit in any place or any concept, but He chooses to dress neatly in a wisdom called Torah and enter your city through these gates.

That is why all the world competes to storm those gates. They want you to see the ugliness they see, hear the cacophony they hear, imagine the nonsense they imagine and speak without end. And then, you will desire all they desire and no room will be left in your city for the Master of all Things. All you need is mastery of those gates and the city is yours.

"How do we experience the essence of God?

By descending to this world to do the Will of God,

through our thought, speech and action, Torah and mitzvahs.

This is our essence."