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  Just over 33 years ago, the day was dawning for a small group of Orthodox monks in America as they were singing the praises of the Glorious Mother of God. The waves of incense rose before the icon of the Ever Virgin Mary, along with the hearts and minds of those on earth who were witnessing Her Assumption (leaving of this world). “Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18)

     The service of Matins concluded. As the monks prepared for the Divine Liturgy, the telephone rang. One of the brothers was next to the phone as it rang, though answering it was not the custom at such an important moment, he lifted the receiver to discover that one of his brother disciples from India was on the other end.


     The message was brief and devastating. As the Ever-Virgin Mother of God was leaving Her earthly sojourn, the Joy-Permeated Mother Anandamayi had also left this world.

     The Mother of God entreats us to seek and find the Lord of mercy and compassion through "ceaseless prayer" and a dedicated mind absorbed in Him. Anandamayi Ma echoes this same spiritual entreaty:


     "At every moment and in the very circumstances in which you are placed,

try to the limit of your capacity to sustain the remembrance of God, to pray for His mercy,

to keep your mind absorbed in Him. Truly, truly, those whose aim is God-realization have started on their pilgrimage.

Spiritual exercises must be done as regularly as possible."

(from Matri Vani II - Words of Anandamayi Ma)

The Angelic Hymn Agni Parthene, O Virgin Mother Pure,

by St. Nectarios, who received in a vision from an angel of the Lord this hymn, where the angel declared:

“This is how we praise the Most Holy Mother of God.”  

The Sacred Day that God Incarnate left this world