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Teachings of Sri Anandamayi Ma on Spiritual Life and Practice

On the States of Samadhi by Sri Anandamayi Ma

     “But if with intense effort he strives on and on towards his goal, all his activities will center round his supreme objective. You will always find that even though he looks like a mass of inert matter, quite indifferent to external stimuli, he is full of cheerfulness and bliss as soon as he regains physical consciousness. Read More

A Timeless Moment with Sri Anandamayi Ma

      I have heard from Mother’s lips that when all the thoughts of the devotee flow in one stream towards God, all the sense objects come under its influence. At that stage even the fall of a leaf from a tree creates ripples in the field of his consciousness. During the earlier stages of Mother’s life whatever happened in the outside world found response in Her nature spontaneously. Read More 

Making God your Supreme Friend

     “Whenever you possibly can, sustain the flow of a Sacred Name (Japa). To repeat His Name is to be in His presence. Just as a friend opens his heart to you and tells you all about himself when you come to him, if you associate with the Supreme Friend, He will reveal His true Being to you. Read More 

In Her Perfect Love - by Shraddha

     It is a temptation to set down here some of my most cherished memories of Mother's loving interaction with Shraddha and Satya, but that must be left up to Shraddha in the following pages. I can only sum up the essence of this book in the words of a nineteenth-century English hymn - slightly altered by me.

O Love that wilt not let me go, I rest my weary soul in Thee;

I give Thee back the life I owe, That in Thine ocean depths its flow

May richer, fuller be... Read More 

Anandamayi Ma and Ramana Maharshi on Spiritual Striving and Attainment

     "In every age, on every occasion, in every turn of fortune, in the field of action and in the stillness of solitude, a man should therefore have a single Aim before him on which his mind’s eye may be set and it should shine as if it were the pole star in his mental firmament." Read More 

From Matri Vani, Sri Anandamayi Ma on "Worldly Life is no doubt a Battle-field."

      "Force of character is man’s great strength. If he uses it in his dealings with the world he will indeed be victorious in most directions. Worldly life is no doubt a battle-field. By becoming conscious of one’s spiritual wealth one must strive to emerge triumphant from the battle." Read More

Divine Wisdom from Sri Anandamayi Ma

     By sorrow does the Lord dispel sorrow and by adversity does He destroy adversity. When this is done He sends no more suffering — this must be borne in mind at all times. All this, which is His creation, is under His dispensation, in His presence and is He. Read More

The Sacred Day that God Incarnate Left this World

     Just over 33 years ago, the day was dawning for a small group of Orthodox monks in America as they were singing the praises of the Glorious Mother of God. The waves of incense rose before the icon of the Ever Virgin Mary, along with the hearts and minds of those on earth who were witnessing Her Assumption (leaving of this world). Read More