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A woman devotee once asked the Holy Mother to teach her to offer puja to the Master. The Mother said to her, "You lead a worldly life. You will not be able to do the worship.

I have given you his name. Practice japa.

Through that you will achieve everything."

Sri Sarada Devi - The Holy Mother  p.213

Mirabai, a living embodiment that

“God is glorious in His Saints”.


Come, Beloved

As the lotus dies without water,
As the night is blind without the moon,
So is my heart without you, Beloved.
I wander alone at night,
Driven by my longing for you.
I hunger for you all the day,
I thirst for you all the night.
My grief is beyond words
My mind is beyond rest.
Come and end my grief, Beloved.
Come and bring joy to my heart.
You know my inmost secret;
Then look at me with eyes of love,
Your slave for countless lives
since the dawn of time.
So says Meera at your feet.