From Matri Vani, Sri Anandamayi Ma on

"Worldy Life is no doubt a Battle-field."

"Force of character is man’s great strength. If he uses it in his dealings with the world he

will indeed be victorious in most directions.

Worldly life is no doubt a battle-field. By becoming conscious of one’s spiritual wealth

one must strive to emerge triumphant from the battle.

You cling to that round *, rolling thing, believing that it constitutes your wealth; this is why there is so much trouble and confusion. What is this ‘round thing’? Money of course. Try to cling exclusively to Him Who is the Whole, where one can speak neither of form nor formlessness and where trouble and confusion are non-existent.

(*This whole passage is based on a play upon words, impossible to render into English. ‘Gol’ means round, 'mal' possession and 'golmal' trouble and confusion.)

If you do not allow your thoughts to stray from His Lotus-feet there is hope of your being saved from all manner of temptations. Man’s duty is to awaken to true humanity and to cast aside his animal propensities; to choose what is excellent and to relinquish the merely pleasurable. Let your mind be like a beautiful flower that may be offered to the Lord in worship. In very truth, man’s sole duty is the search after Self-realization. With but the one Supreme Friend you my friend must try to avoid the ties of worldly friendship.

To indulge in what seems pleasurable means to choose that which appears lovely on the

surface and therefore attractive. Improper, ill-fated, degrading actions~ that give expression to one’s animal nature lead to misery even though they be pleasurable. The rules and regulations pertaining to the householder’s period of life (grihastha ashrama) have to be observed as fully as possible. To live up to the highest ideals may be irksome at first, but ultimately leads to real well-being and peace. One must learn to find enjoyment in the Sublime—then only does one deserve to be called a human being. Having been blessed with a human body it is but right that one should behave in a fitting manner. Why give way to animal instincts?

If you cannot sustain japa at all times, at any rate complete two rosaries twice day, morning and evening. The search after Truth is man’s real vocation.

There are various modes of living: one is the ashrama of the householder: another to do service, regarding whomever one serves as a manifestation of the Supreme Being; a third, way is to fix Self-realization as the one and only goal and advance towards it with uninterrupted speed and determination. In keeping with his inclinations and bent of mind, everyone chooses one of these modes of living. God Himself will take care of everything that concerns a man who, puts his whole trust in Him.

To aspire to the realization of Truth is alone worthy of man. In the home of the householder (grihashta ashram) there should be no strain. Allowing oneself to be agitated by mental anxiety amounts to strain; this is not the line to be taken, for by such a state of mind the power to create obstacles is developed.

By seeking refuge in the Power that is Bliss, Goodness, Beneficence, the Destroyer of obstacles, peace will be established in the home. This is man’s special pursuit as well as his duty. Those sensible, intelligent and wise men and women who depend on God and the Guru and full of faith, in a spirit of renunciation, endeavour to attain to Reality should advance along any path that is most helpful to their aspirations, ever remaining tranquil and choosing that which promotes peace. In all one’s actions one must aim at fulfilling one’s dharma."