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A Timeless Moment with Sri Anandamayi Ma

from "Mother As Revealed to Me," from Bhaiji’s Matri Darshan

     I have heard from Mother’s lips that when all the thoughts of the devotee flow in one stream towards God, all the sense objects come under its influence. At that stage even the fall of a leaf from a tree creates ripples in the field of his consciousness. During the earlier stages of Mother’s life whatever happened in the outside world found response in Her nature spontaneously.

     After Her deep trance as soon as Mother recovered Her normal serenity, many yogic activities manifested themselves automatically; at that time one could hear some indistinct humming sound emanating from Her. A little later rumbling notes like the surging of sea-waves lashed by a storm followed; thereafter an uninterrupted, supremely melodious flow of divine truths emerged from Her lips in the shape of numerous Sanskrit hymns. It seemed that from the eternal sky Divine truths were taking shape in sound symbols through Mother’s speech. Such flawless pronunciation, such free flow of melody touching the inmost core of the listeners, received added charm from the Divine radiance of Her face. Even learned Vedic scholars could hardly have acquired Her free and easy mode of expression in spite of their best training and practice.

     The richness of meaning in all these spontaneous utterances of Mother has been a surprise to savants; the language, in which the verses were couched, could not easily be comprehended and therefore it was not possible to write them down fully and accurately.

     Four such sacred hymns that could be taken down in parts have been recorded. We approached Mother for verification and correction. Her reply was: "There is no trace of them now in my mind; they will be attended to later if necessary."

One of the four hymns is:

(This entire passage is in Sankrit in the Devanagari script.) The translation is given below:

‘Thou art the Light of the universe and its controlling and guiding spirit. Do thou appear in our midst! From Thee a cobweb of worlds is spreading out at every moment. Thou art the dispeller of all fears; do Thou appear before us! Thou art the seed of the universe; Thou art the Being in whom I reside. Thou art present in the hearts of all these devotees. Do thou, whom I find present before me, banish the fears of all created beings. Thou art the embodiment of all gods and much more. Thou hast come out of me and I am the epitome of the created world. Let us contemplate the very Foundation of this universe, through Whom the world seeks liberation. Thou standest on Thy own eternal basic nature. Thou hast come out of the Pranava the seed-word and base of all existence and the truth of all. The Vedas are but sparks from Thy eternal Light. Thou dost symbolise the heavenly couple, Kama and Kameshvari who are dissolved together in all-permeating Bliss Supreme and signified by Nada and Bindu when differentiated for keeping up Thy Lila. Do Thou dispel the fears of the world!

“I seek refuge in Thee. Thou art my shelter and final resting place. Draw Thou my whole being into Thine. As the Deliverer Thou dost appear in two forms—the liberator and the devotee seeking liberation. By me alone are all created in my own image; by me all are sent into the world; and in me all find final refuge. I am the final cause indicated in the Vedas by Pranava ( Omkara), I am Mahamaya and Mahabhava all in one. Devotion to me is the cause of Moksha (liberation). All are mine. To me Rudra owes all his powers and the self-same I sing to the glory of Rudra, who becomes manifest in all actions and in their causes”.

     From this translation it will be evident that Mother’s thought-body has expressed itself in speech for the welfare, peace and progress of the world. Her boundless love and compassion for all living beings radiates in all directions and She sits Supreme at the centre embracing the universe. Jai Ma!