A Devotee asks Sri Ramana Maharshi: How to overcome regrets?

Maharshi replies: By practice.         D.: What kind of practice?

Maharshi:   Meditation.            D.: Mind is not steady while meditating.

M.: It will be all right by practice.    D.: Shall we add prayers, etc.?

          Maharshi: Yes.         (from Talks #377 p. 356, 22nd March 1937)

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“Know that by long prostration, by question and by service,

the wise who have realized the Truth will instruct you in (that) knowledge.

Knowing that, you shall not, O Arjuna, again become deluded like this;

and by that you shall see all beings in your Self and also in Me!”

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Bhagavad Gita 4:34-35

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Question asked of Sri Anandamayi Ma in 1974:

"Ma, why do we forget you?"

Answer Mother gave with a blissful smile:


"Because you are in the Kingdom of Forgetfulness!"