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    In the field of His play even getting means losing. This is but the nature of its movement. Think of Him Who cannot be lost. Meditate on Him alone, on Him, the Fountain of Good­ness. Pray to Him; depend on Him. Try to give more time to japa and meditation. Sur­render your mind at His Feet. Endeavour to sustain japa and meditation without a break.

     Human-birth — does it not ordinarily mean experiencing desire, passion, grief, suffering, old age, disease, happiness, pain and so on? Yet it is man’s duty to bear in mind that he exists for God alone— for His service and for the realization of Him.

     To say, “I do not know, I do not understand” is only ignorance. It is this veil of ignorance that causes agony and misfortune.

     One who serves God can never be help­less. The more ardently one seeks commun­ion by engaging in japa, His service and contemplation, the fuller will be His revela­tion.

     Day and night should be spent in the quest for God (sadhana bhajana). The desire to find Him has to be specially fostered. To be a human being means to place first and foremost the desire to know One’s Self. Except for the little time necessary for the service of the family, all the rest must be devoted to japa, medita­tion, the reading of scriptures, worship, prayer, self-dedication. Yearn and cry for Him for His own sake. If opportunity arises, seek satsang. Whenever this is not possible strive to keep the constant awareness of God’s presence enshrined in your heart.

Making God your Supreme Friend

from Matri Vani, Words of Sri Anandamayi Ma

“Whenever you possibly can, sustain the flow of a Sacred Name (Japa).

To repeat His Name is to be in His presence.

Just as a friend opens his heart to you

and tells you all about himself when you come to him,

if you associate with the Supreme Friend,

He will reveal His true Being to you.

Do you refrain from bathing when faced with the waves of the sea?

Surely, you plunge right into the midst of them and take your bath.

Similarly, in the very thick of tempests and difficulties of worldly life,

maintain the remembrance of Him—

take to the repetition of His Name.”

—Sri Anandamayi Ma