"You must make the effort yourself. The Masters only point the way."

The Buddha, the Dhammapada

A yogic understanding of the

Sermon on the Mount. To invoke

Divine Presence and to sanctify the

mind. The goal of prayer is the

harmonization between heaven

and the earth, which means one

develops intuitive vision where one

sees the world as an expression of

the Divine Self.

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A devotees tears catch the heart

of her Lord Sri Krishna.

In response the Lord physically

directs her to her long sought

for Guru in a most

miraculous way!

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This guided meditation,

using the traditional method

of watching the breath,

also includes the practice of

linking the movement of the

breath with the sacred

mantra OM.

"Things you Tend to Overlook"

Thanissaro Bhikkhu, one of the

foremost Buddhist teachers,

speaks on the "natural" process

of ageing, illness and death.

And the Buddha's teaching on how

to prepare for and rise above

them in advance.

"Gentle Hatha Yoga"

A unique 1 hour session of

hatha yoga, guided by one

of the foremost instructors

in the Hawaiian Islands.

A most valuable talk, given to

devotees at Sri Ramana Ashram,

on practical suggestions from the

Saints on how to develop a

concentrated mind full of

light and peace.

"An Antidote for Sorrow"

Swami Shantananda discusses

how to train the mind to

experience a measure of peace

within meditation, free from

unwanted thoughts.

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Dhamma Talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu from Metta Forest Monastery

"Instruct, Urge, Rouse and Encourage"

For more Wisdom and Dhamma Talks from Metta Forest Monastery, enter this link:


The Buddha taught: "Time is eating itself up as it eats up the beings of this world, and eating us up as well. Where is yesterday, where is the week before? It is gone, and those moments of opportunity to advance in the Dharma are gone, never to return. For most of us this means we are getting older, and our senses are becoming dull. So where can we look to find something that is not affected by all this stuff? We must look inside! That is why we are sitting and meditating. To see what there is inside of us that can be touched by the mind that is special that is not affected by time. It is something we all should be looking for, because as aging encroaches it brings illness and ultimately brings death. So what are you going to do so the mind is not affected by these things, so it doesn't suffer from them? You have to find something good inside."

It is often said that when the Buddha gave His Dharma talks He would "Instruct, Urge, Rouse and Encourage" those listening to seek and find those special aspects of the mind to acquire true happiness and the cessation of suffering.

This rare teaching of the Buddha is given in this talk from Thanissaro Bhikkhu.