"He who yearns for God will find Him,

and for the man who has found Him, death dies"

Sri Anandamayi Ma

A yogic understanding of the

Sermon on the Mount. To invoke

Divine Presence and to sanctify the

mind. The goal of prayer is the

harmonization between heaven

and the earth, which means one

develops intuitive vision where one

sees the world as an expression of

the Divine Self.

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A devotees tears catch the heart

of her Lord Sri Krishna.

In response the Lord physically

directs her to her long sought

for Guru in a most

miraculous way!

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This guided meditation,

using the traditional method

of watching the breath,

also includes the practice of

linking the movement of the

breath with the sacred

mantra OM.

"Things you Tend to Overlook"

Thanissaro Bhikkhu, one of the

foremost Buddhist teachers,

speaks on the "natural" process

of ageing, illness and death.

And the Buddha's teaching on how

to prepare for and rise above

them in advance.

"Gentle Hatha Yoga"

A unique 1 hour session of

hatha yoga, guided by one

of the foremost instructors

in the Hawaiian Islands.

A most valuable talk, given to

devotees at Sri Ramana Ashram,

on practical suggestions from the

Saints on how to develop a

concentrated mind full of

light and peace.

"An Antidote for Sorrow"

Swami Shantananda discusses

how to train the mind to

experience a measure of peace

within meditation, free from

unwanted thoughts.

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Do not feel distressed because you are deprived of’ His physical presence. It is the duty of the nearest and dearest of the departed to pray that he may progress on his upward path. However, if tears rush into your eyes because he has left his body, then cry invoking God. To weep for God is everybody’s one and only hope. Also perform as perfectly as possible the duties prescribed by the sastras for the wife and son of the deceased.

What can be expected from this world, whose very nature is constant flux; times are ever

changing. To live in time is to be bound by it — by death*. If you do not rise above time, how can you escape the clutches of death? Had time not borne away the moment that brought you such acute distress and agony, would any life be left in your body? This is the way of the world. What you have experienced happens continually to every family, in one form or another. Console yourself with the thought that this is how the world is fashioned.

When one resides in a country not one’s own, how can one possibly evade the hardships that are a foreigner’s lot? Your Motherland is where there is no question of distress and sorrow, of’ violence and hatred, of estrangement, neither of the opposites of light and darkness. The endeavour to find himself in his real Home, in his true nature, is man’s sole duty. Courage and steadiness are what is required.

*kala means both ‘time’ and ‘death’,

Wisdom from Sri Anandamayi Ma on the Purpose of Life and the loss of a Loved One

from Marti Vani Vol. 1