“Not every one who is quiet, is humble. But every one who is humble is quiet. There does not exist one who is humble without being submissive. The humble is content at all times, because there is nothing that moves his spirit. He is not destroyed nor moved by distress."

Saint Isaac of Nineveh



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A devotees tears catch the heart

of her Lord Sri Krishna.

In response the Lord physically

directs her to her long sought

for Guru in a most

miraculous way!

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A most valuable talk, given to

devotees at Sri Ramana Ashram,

on practical suggestions from the

Saints on how to develop a

concentrated mind full of

light and peace.

"An Antidote for Sorrow"

Swami Shantananda discusses

how to train the mind to

experience a measure of peace

within meditation, free from

unwanted thoughts.

Excellence is the Mother of Afflictions;

from Afflictions Humbleness is Born.

(From the Mystic Treatises by Saint Isaac of Nineveh)