Anger - the Soul Killer.

from God Speaks to Arjuna by Paramhansa Yogananda, Chapter 2 Sloka 63.

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Spiritual Teaching

   "Devotees should picture to themselves the way in which anger originates from frustrated desires, and how it leads to grave consequences."

"Under the hypnotic influence of delusion produced by anger, a man loses his memory of what he was and how he ought to behave according to what is becoming to his inner real nature. The memory of his normal feelings and good sentiments fades. Under continued darkness, the angry man's memory of himself and his good qualities becomes chronically confused and utterly forgotten.

"Reasonable thought finds no means of expression in an angry person. Reasonable words have no effect because they are directed not to the reasonable man but to the angry self, who from confused memory has lost the consciousness of his true Self. Confused memory is utterly incompatible with discriminative reason.

"With discrimination lost, the way of destruction is speedily paved.

"Anger and its evolutes freeze the steering wheel of the car of life and stop it from reaching its material and spiritual destination."

"The only way to be perpetually established in the evenness of Yoga

is through meditation"

God speaks to Arjuna, Paramhansa Yogananda, Sloka 2:48

"O Lord of my soul, if I may not see Thee in this life, let me feel the lack."

Yoganandaji, in his college days, with his guru Sri Yukteswar.