Spiritual Teaching from the Christian Tradition


Sri Anandamayi Ma

singing Kirtan to the

Lord Krishna and Rama

A rare original recording of

Paramhansa Yogananda on the

Essential Need for Meditation.

"Become a Spiritual Alcoholic"

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"Bhagavan Ramana in the Mind, Bhagavan Ram on the Tongue."

Toward the end of Swami Shantananda's sojourn in the body he was asked to "summarize" the

goal of life and the way to attain it. With his familiar smile, full of love of God and a heart resting within the stillness (shanta) of the Divine Presence, he said:

" Never do Advaita in action, only in Bhavana.

You are born in dwaita (in the forest of duality).

You must seek the way out only through the forest of duality (whether true or false),

to finally reach the end of this forest (this world).

Only after skillfully traversing through this world, with your mind consumed with God

and the Name of God on your tongue, will you reach the Advaitic Realization."

Finally he repeated what he once had written out to me in which he "defined" what amounted to the path that he trod (and sometimes plod) toward his treasure of the Presence of the Divine Mother.

"My firm conviction is Advaita.

My sole refuge is the Divine Mother.

My only sadhana is prayer and constant remembrance.

Yoga (except for the discipline of Yama and Niyama) and Vichara

do not interest me, I revere them from a distance.

The Mother gives me all the knowledge necessary at any moment.

I imagine Her recently as all Consciousness - Pure, but Compassionate.

But I remain doing Japa."

A Final Word from Swami Shantananda Puri on Life in this World